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Jim, 55

I've been single for 6 months and feel it's the right time to start looking again. I run my own business and am a keen cricketer. Am looking for a woman who enjoys nights in and travel.

Over 50 Singles
Lucy, 52

My friends say that I am very bubbly and possibly I talk too much! If you reckon you can handle that, send me a message and let's see if we click!

50 Plus Dating
Albert, 58

I'm new to online dating but I've heard good things about this site so thought I'd try it out. I am a carpenter and also enjoy sailing and golf. I'd love to meet a woman who enjoys the outdoors.

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I Had to tell her I was an Essex Geezer and thought she would have no further interest in me, But fortunately that didn't matter to her phew!!!!! what a relief, We are still together and always will be so in Love with each other thanks to your wonderful site

Gary & Gill

I first contacted Mark. Liked his photo he had nice eyes. His profile showed we did share some of the same interest. We are just good friends at the moment. Who knows where that will lead. Just want to say on line dating does work.

Mark & Sally

I contacted Mary during lockdown in May 2020 and we chatted for several weeks. We are now planning to meet for the first time. I feel I've been able to build a strong relationship with her in this time and can honestly recommend your site to my friends.

Mary & George

Over 50 Dating Sites Are A Great Place To Meet People

It can be difficult to find people that you just 'click' with. You know the feeling, where you feel totally at ease around a person and there's no pretension or awkwardness. You lose all track of time. Call us hopeless romantics, but that's what we help people to find at LoveInYour50s. We bring together like-minded people of a similar age who are positive about meeting someone new with whom to enjoy life. One thing that we've noticed to be crucial is that at this age we tend to enjoy spending time with people with similar interests and that's something we encourage to look for in a partner. Our members often talk of making a fresh start, so our belief is that you should make the best and most positive start possible. We've made it as simple as possible for people to find someone in their local area who is interested in the same things as them, and this explains why we have such a high success rate. Join free today and find the right person for you!

Dating For The 50 Plus Can Be Daunting

Dating for over 50s singles can be intimidating. When they're younger many people expect that by this age they won't be dating anymore. You expect yourself to be in a relationship or safely married. But there are more people than ever looking to start fresh in their fifties, and the first step is to feel that it's the right thing to do, and to drop any stigma you may feel about it. Years ago, people might have felt it quite an adventurous step to join an online dating site at this age. But nowadays it is extremely common and mature people make up the fastest growing segment taking to internet dating, to meet friends or start a relationship. The key thing is to do it at your own pace. If this is nerve-wracking for you because you've been 'out of the game' for a long time, just start start slowly. Browse some profiles and get a feel for the type of people on the site. Then maybe send or respond to a message if you are drawn to someone. There's no pressure at LoveInYour50s. We're a community of people that genuinely care about each other and that's why so many of our members build such strong bonds, regardless of whether they end up in a relationship together. Treat everyone else how you'd like to be treated and you'll fit in nicely and have a great time!

Over 50 Singles Have The Right Amount Of Experience

The thing we find beautiful about our site over others is that our members have made the mistakes they need to make. By the time they reach us, they tend to know what they need in a soulmate, and they are emotionally mature enough to know it takes some give and take. The issue with a lot of younger people is that they want it all now. They want all of the fun, the excitement of a relationship without the loyalty and commitment. This may sound like a generalisation, and it is, but in general, it's true that as people get older they have experienced and are more rounded. A person's looks become slightly less important than their personality, and we look for someone who stands for something, who we expect to live the rest of our lives with. We're unashamed here to say that we hope and expect that you won't need to use another dating site after using this one: we aim for every person on here to meet their last partner. If that sounds like what you are looking for, then we're delighted to welcome you. If not, we're here when you get to that stage!